Get To Know More About Blog – What is a blog?

BLOG is a popular word from website containing posts, images, video, and even includes comments of others. Blog was introduced by Jorn Barger in 1997, comes from the words Web and Log. Web take from Website and Log is online journal in chronological term. The Blog by Jorn Barger used to name personal website that is updated continuously along with the comments by other people and contains inbound links or outbound links with other websites that they consider interesting.

Many blogs are used to testimony information with a particular discussion topic in addition with other functions as a personal online journey.

A blog typically contains text any posts, images, videos, and links. Ability to become commendable blog other party is power of a blog. Most blog contain personal blog’s owner article, but some blog contains special topics such as art, sketches, photography, video, music, audio, which is the part of social media. Blog terminology developed Micro, another  type of blogging (blogging activity) that contains short posts. Blog users are individual, private, community, organizations. Individual users usually called blogger. Blog is also used by the company for communication media with the costumers and for public relation purpose.

What is a BLOG in general?

Blog is website’s characteristics providing posts in chronological based divided into several categories, writing stored neatly in a sequence based on the months news archive, There are box comment enable visitors leaving comments on the written article, consist of links and several other supporting facilities such as, image snippets, Shoutbox, search information in the blog (search), etc.

To have a blog, it is very easy!

Now, many providers have a free blog that will accommodate all your information. Following are FREE blog services which are WordPress, Blogger, TypePad etc. As it’s a free Because the free, the blog that you create mast have sub domain name,  eg or Same thing with any other free domain name. To get a personal name in the blog, you must provide the funds to purchase domain names, rent a web hosting and installing blog program into website. Customize domain name just something like

Happy blogging..If you have any queries, feel free to leave a comment. I will respond as soon as possible.

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